Recent Events: Peaceful Protest

Our small town held a peaceful protest for all the black lives lost due to police brutality. My twelve year old son and I attended for many reasons. But one of the main reasons for me, hit very close to home as I had encountered my own experience with police brutality. The over- powered egotistical, misuse of force and law, along with inadequate training. As I held up a sign, “End Police Brutality,” I listened to the few motivational speakers, taking the stand one by one. Each with their own compelling experiences. There was a gripping and sincere understanding amid the crowd that gathered to seek justice and truth.

The police brutality in this country is definitely disorderly and the misuse of power has compelled many civilians to utilize these current developments to speak out. I am a victim of police brutality and an excess of authority. Due to the title this person held, he was backed by the “brotherhood” of other law enforcement which sparked an outrage in our city, with the perpetrators family, and the media. In the end, two young children took the stand in court and gave our testimony on the events that occurred over the last six years of our early life.

This was MY reason behind attending the protest. While I am a firm believer in Black Lives Matter and the movement towards equality, I felt a compelling need to attend regardless of the backlash I received from the community, posts on Facebook, and family.

Jesus’ love for us is so overwhelming and reckless that HE would leave the ninety-nine, just to find the one. What if you were the one? What if you were the one who desired to be saved, to know that you are worth HIS undying love? To know that there are others out there that share similar occurrences? The Lord can use YOU to make a difference in someones life. To change the cynical opinion into something more constructive and productive.

Be. The. Change.

The National Book Award winning history of how racist ideas were created, spread, and deeply rooted in American society.

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