The Title

For many years I thought about writing a story, one that could change the ending in someones life and if it could just reach one woman… THAT can make difference.

Self love starts with forgiveness, washing away the guilt, acceptance of who you are, and knowing your worth. It is soul searching. It is painful. It is relentless. It is every emotional attachment you can possibly feel, wrapped up in a continuous overpowered spirit to do better. To be better. To feel better.

My story was broken… beaten… misused and exploited. But that’s not how it ended.

“Surviving Tiffany”, was a tough title to choose. It holds a distinguished significance for me. “You are your own worst enemy”, comes to mind when I reflect on it. Because I was… I survived the guilt that destroyed my very being and shattered my heart like broken glass.

I’m here to share my sincere and undeniable experiences with others on child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, overcoming addiction and finding God.

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